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Bradley J. Musser, MD - Medical Director

Dr. Musser received his MD at the University of Iowa. He served as Chief Resident at St. Paul Family Practice here in Dallas. He has been a member of the teaching faculty at St. Paul and he draws on more than15 years of medical experience, including hormone therapy. Dr. Musser is certified by the Board of Family Practice and is a member of the American Academy of Family Practice.

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Novi Te is a revolutionary anti-aging and regenerative wellness medical clinic.

Feel better

Look better

Live longer

Achieve greater intimacy

Feeling drained with significant decreases in your energy, libido and level of emotional well-being? Or maybe you have reached a point of being unable to build muscle and notice a few extra pounds? Novi Te therapy is designed for you...to help you feel better, look better, live longer and achieve greater intimacy.

Anti-aging utilizes cutting edge biomedical technologies to enhance the quality and length of human life. Recent scientific research clearly proves that new innovative medicine as well as diet, exercise, and nutrition significantly impact healthy function in old age and transform maximum lifespan. People everywhere are seeking medical guidance for ways to stay healthy, active and vital well into their senior years. Anti-aging medicine is scientific and well documented by medical and scientific journals.

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